An Introduction to Palisade Gear

An Introduction to Palisade Gear

January 28, 2017

Welcome to Palisade Gear! Based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, we focus on creating high quality trekking poles so you can focus on the trail ahead. Our poles are light, strong, dependable, affordable, and perfect for day hikes, thru hikes, and everything in between!

Palisade Gear launched in June of 2016, and we have been providing the hiking and camping community with great trekking poles ever since. When we aren’t designing new poles or fulfilling orders, we are out in the field testing and perfecting our products.

 We are a small company with big aspirations! Drop us a line and say hello!

 -Matt & Lloyd


Matt Folsom is the owner and founder of Palisade Gear. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys spending time camping, hiking and canoeing with his family. Matt makes sure everything runs smoothly at Palisade Gear, fulfilling orders, working on future trekking poles designs, and keeping Lloyd on task. Reach him at

Lloyd Vogel is a kayaker, backpacker, and consumer of large quantities of food. Lloyd joined the Palisade Gear team in December of 2016, and he mostly writes articles, posts things to instagram, and works with Matt to make sure we’ve got the best trekking poles on the market! Reach him at: