Ultra Light 100% Carbon Trekking Poles with Flip Lock Quick Adjust and Comfort Grips

$ 119.99 $ 64.99

This is our latest line of carbon fiber trekking poles, The Sawtooth. These poles are built for the elite hiker looking to cut every ounce they are carrying. At only 8.8 ounces per pole, these trekking poles will help you trim excess weight and hike longer and farther.

The ultralight EVA grip is designed to give you a better grip when you need it most, especially in wet conditions. These poles are designed to be deployed and adjusted quickly with our flip style secure locking system. Our Flip Lock system also means these poles will be held secure once deployed, so you can count on them to help you navigate difficult terrain.

This pair of trekking poles includes an ultralight mud skirt, tactical snow skirt and an elite rubber training tip. These poles are designed to be used in all weather, from mud and snow or packed trail and pavement.

These poles are built to last, and made using the highest quality materials and technology. With our 100% Carbon Fiber shaft we don't sacrifice anything to bring you the most durable and strongest carbon fiber pole available. These poles have been put to the test on some of the harshest terrain and conditions around the world, from the Himalaya to the Appalachian trail.